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G. Jezarian, Purveyor of Fine Jewelry is NYC's preeminent private jeweler.

Some of our clients have been kind enough to share their experience and thanks. Read their reviews below

Todd M, Manhasset, NY

Located specific GIA certified diamond Designed unique platinum ring to my specifications Followed up with a rush ring resizing.

When I mentioned to a few people I was thinking of getting engaged, it seems everyone had a "guy". I have to say, buying a diamond was perhaps the most intimidating process. My now-fiance was very specific with what she wanted and between the internet searching and meeting with various jewelers, I was growing more and more uncomfortable with the process. I almost just went to Tiffany to get it over with after dealing with the headaches, then I was referred to this place by a colleague. I couldnt be more pleased. I contacted the store via email and received a response quickly from the actual owner. He's the first jeweler that actually asked about my fiance, what she was like, what her tastes were, etc. I realized he was not just out for a sale, he wanted to make sure I was choosing the "right" diamond/ring combination. His qualifications were impressive and a quick Google search showed testimonials from many of his happy clients and even some videos of him on television. I made an appointment. The showroom is in a private suite at the top of the building where the GIA is located. Getting in was like going to Fort Knox but once I got upstairs, I was amazed...this place was like walking into your own private Cartier that nobody else knew about. The owner himself had already prepared stones within the budget I had given him. He spent a good 30min teaching me how to grade a diamond and then let ME sell the stone to myself, not the other way around. After I was 100% positive of the color and quality I wanted, he tested me by putting several stones in a tray and asking me to choose the best. I ended up choosing the nicest, brightest one and after I finished, he smiled and showed me which one I'd chosen was actually the LEAST expensive. He proved that what I thought I needed, I didn't need and I'll never forget the lesson. The stone I chose was $7400 cheaper than what I'd originally wanted. That savings paid for the custom platinum ring AND will pay for our wedding bands when the time comes. The ring itself was the toughest part because I had specific orders from my fiance. Greg was able to have several samples available, then photographed 3 I liked and designed the winner. He took a little from all 3 and photoshopped what it would look like complete. When I ok'd the design, he began work and was able to finish before my tight deadline of Valentine's Day. She said yes(!) and loved the ring...but the size was incorrect. (my fault) I emailed Greg at 10pm on Valentine's night letting him know how it went and by 10:30 he emailed back with his congratulations and told me to have Jaimee meet him at the office the next morning. She did, he took the ring to resize it perfectly and had it back to her by lunchtime, all at no charge. I've since referred 2 friends to him, one for a ring, the other for a watch repair and they both thanked me profusely. I'm happy to say I now have my "guy" to goto for all our jewelry, he made me feel like part of a family.

Grant W, Greenwich, CT

We've been a regular with Greg since my first engagement ring purchase. I thought I'd update with my latest experience, finally a piece of jewelry for me! For Valentine's Day my wife wanted to buy me my dream watch, a Rolex Submariner. We were both stunned at the price of a new one and Greg suggested he start searching for a used one. I mentioned we were going on a trip and could get one duty-free overseas at a discount. His exact words were, "you have my blessing, but give me a few days to try and change your mind."  Fair enough. He had some goods points, particularly that that model watch has been the same since forever and why buy new if he could find the right used model. This was Friday.

Sure enough, he called the following Monday saying he had a winner and to stop up for a look. It was a Rolex Submariner, with the all important box and papers that had just been overhauled. It looks new, in fact I'm looking at it on my wrist now and haven't taken it off since that day. It was a model purchased originally in 1999, keeps perfect time and looks great.  

I wrote my first review of G. Jezarian over a year ago; in that period I've referred my in-laws, colleagues and friends to him. Usually getting a thank you call from each for the introduction to him and always getting acknowledgement from Greg for my effort. Good stuff.

Jennifer L, New York, NY:

Honest, trustworthy and reliable are the first words that come to mind to describe Greg Jezarian.   My husband and I have been working with Greg and his lovely wife, Monica, for many, many years now.   They have built my engagement ring, wedding band, and restyled several estate pieces I have  inherited  over the years.  

Buying a diamond stone or designing a piece of jewelry from scratch can be daunting.  Other jewelers employ hard sell tact or make you feel uncomfortable by using jargon to mystify the process to gain advantage.  Not Greg.  No mystery.  His prices are based on fact not fiction created from thin air.  

Greg is inventive, creative and a wonderfully trustworthy person.    I highly recommend Greg to anyone needing a jeweler.  If you are looking to purchase an engagement ring or wedding band, a tennis bracelet, or to restyle jewelry you own, run don't walk to see Greg Jezarian and tell him I say hi.  And ask him about his cool hobby.

Brad E, De Forest, WI:

G. Jezarian was fantastic to work with. I couldn't find anyone local (I'm in WI) to make the piece I wanted and found these guys online. I was a little skeptical at first as I prefer to make these sorts of transactions in person.  I wanted something unique that represented major events in our lives, kids, & wedding anniversary. I sent them an email and mentioned the kids and that our anniversary was Mar. 17th.  The owner  Greg Jezerian called me later that day and the conversation felt as if we had been friends for years.  He was very excited to talk about a custom design idea he had.  The whole process from design to the final product was very comfortable.  The shamrock with sapphires on each leaf was beautiful and my wife loved it!!  Greg really has a talent. 

Since that piece, I have made other purchases from Greg and each one has been fantastic.  Greg has also gotten me out of a bind by being able to turn purchases around quickly though I don't recommend waiting until the last minute like I did.  

I've never met Greg in person but every interaction I've had, he's made it feel as though we're old friends. You won't get that, or the quality I might add, from the local mall. I highly recommend Greg.  I won't go anywhere else!!4-Steve S, Vancouver, WA

I went to him and to repair my watch. Instead of charging me, he provided me a stamped envelope, because I was going back home. Told me to make sure that it worked and if it did, send a check in the envelope provided. Where do you find this anymore? This was outstanding.

Lauren D., Norwalk, CT

I had purchased both my engagement ring and my wedding rings at Kramer Bros. thirteen years ago, and decided that I wanted to upgrade my engagement ring for a bigger stone.  Since I had had such a positive experience back then, I knew I wanted to go back to them for this upgrade.  I worked with Gregory Jezarian from Kramer Bros.  Over the phone and through emails, I told him what I had now and what I was looking for.  He understood right away, asked all the right questions, and really knew how to figure out the best ring for me and my taste.  Then, he worked his magic, and through his myriad of relationships with other jewelers in the district, was able to have several stones for me to look at when I did come to his office.  All were stunning, GIA certified and were beautiful.  But, at the last minute, I threw a curveball at him and decided to spend a little more and "go for broke".  He made one phone call, and within 20 minutes, another jeweler brought another amazing stone for me to look at.  This was the stone, and I immediately bought it.  He had been trying to be respectful of my original budget (which is rare in this day and age), but when I expanded that budget, he knew who to call as well.

Greg was, at all times, knowledgeable, helpful, considerate, honest, fair, and amazing.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  He found exactly what I wanted, emailed me many times to answer all of my many questions, and was kind and courteous.  I am writing this review because I know how hard it is to find a jeweler in the diamond district that you can trust.  If you don't have a connection or recommendation, it is a scary task.  I am writing this review because when someone "does right by you", it is important to let people know.  Such honesty should be rewarded and the word should spread.  Kramer Bros. "did right" by me thirteen years ago, and "did right" by me yet again.  I have recommended their services to others in the past, and I would do so again.  

In addition, as an interesting aside, I work and live in Connecticut, and can't always get to NYC. Especially during regular store hours.  Greg tried to work around my schedule, and even made sure my ring was ready when I was available to come to NYC.  He even met me on the weekend at the store (they happened to be doing some construction so he was there unofficially).  He went out of his way for me (even texting me after the appointment about the traffic jam he had heard about that was on my route, and to drive home a different way)!!!  And, while he went out of his way for me, I get the strong impression that he would do that for any client. 

Overall, a 100% positive experience and happy to say, a 100% satisfied customer!

Adam Korn, New York, NY

To put it mildly, Greg sold me an engagement ring for my fiance, Jenny.

I planned to do it only once.  Buy an engagement ring, that is.  But I also wanted to honor the thoughtfulness of my then-girlfriend (*spoiler alert*) now-fiance Jenny by being thoughtful in the ring's purchase.  To be clear, Jenny's a very modest person and wears practically no jewelry, so I wanted her to feel comfortable wearing what would be the first piece of "bling" I'd ever seen on her.  From a picture and a description, Greg divined one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I'd ever seen.  "I believe in my heart, we're going to get here," he said, putting a platinum ring with a deep green emerald lit up by tiny diamonds adorning it on the counter, "but let me show you some stones and settings so that you're comfortable."  I knew practically nothing about fine jewelry going in, but the magic word for me is "comfortable," and if Greg's easy-going, humorous demeanor didn't put me at ease--which it did--his insistence that I be 100% committed to my purchase in heart and mind made me instantly trust him.  To be fair, he came highly recommended from a trusted friend, but when I decided to take the plunge, I simply wanted to get through the process without being off the mark, given the aforementioned description of my fiance.  I never thought I would actually enjoy the process and come away as confident as I did that I had made the right decision.  I often come away from gift purchases questioning if I've made the right call--if I've read the person correctly.  But from the moment I agreed to make this life-changing purchase (I asked Greg if the exact ring he showed me--a ring he designed himself--had already been spoken for, and he said, "yeah, you" ) I was truly convinced I--nay, we --had gone in the right direction.  That Jenny would not only likewise find it beautiful, but that she'd know I understand her.  Flash ahead to the proposal.  Yes, she loved it, but practically right after she said "yeth, yeth I'll marry you," (she was wearing her nightguard), she took out her beloved grandmother's family heirlooms--an emerald and diamond-encrusted bracelet and pendant I had never seen--to show me an uncanny match to the ring.  

Thank you, Greg.

David Pollack, Oyster Bay, NY

I was looking for a gift for my wife who had just had a baby so i needed something special. I was budgeting about $35,000 for the gift. Also, i was also looking to repair a rare antique gold watch for my mother as she could not find anyone to fix it. 

My experience with Greg was phenomenal. 

I had shopped around looking for a good jeweler that does custom work and could not find one that i trusted. After all, i was spending a significant sum of money and wanted to be sure i was not being taken advantage of. I had visited about 4 or 5 other jewelers and was always feeling pressured. Each of the other jewelers tried to push me into purchasing something they had in stock and didn't really want to talk to me about what i wanted for my wife.

My sister referred me to Greg after having an excellent experience.  I met with him and told him what i wanted. Greg did something that none of the other jewelers were willing to do. He listened. He asked me not about my budget, but about my wife and the kinds of things she liked. He tried to understand who i was buying the gift for before making recommendations instead of figuring out how to make the most off of my sale. On top of all that, Greg was open and honest about the business. He explained the options i had for either buying something custom or picking something off the shelf and the costs involved with each option. He explained details about the various gem stones, setting materials and how the choice of each would affect the final product. We discussed my budget and Greg did something i did not expect. He insisted that i did not have to make a decision at that point and that i should feel comfortable with my choice before committing. 

I shook his hand and walked out and thought about it. I felt completely comfortable. It took me a few hours to make up my mind. It was 7:30 pm and i decided to call and leave a message for Greg to let him know i was going to purchase the custom ring and matching bracelet we discussed. Greg answered the phone. He didn't even know it was me. Jewelers don't generally answer the phone that late. I was very impressed.

Greg was very flexible and easy to work with. After giving him my deposit, the ring and bracelet were completed in a week and well within my budget and there was no up-selling. Both were flawless and my wife absolutely loved the gift.  She started crying when she opened the box. 

I trusted Greg so much that i brought a rare antique gold watch that has been in my family for a long time. My mother could not get it fixed as no one knew how to work on it. It took a lot of convincing, but i got her to trust Greg. When he delivered the ring, i gave him the watch and he was able to repair the watch in about a day. No one else could do it or was willing to do it. Again, very impressed and again, Greg delivered.

Overall, there was absolutely NO PRESSURE. I really felt that Greg believed in his work and believed that doing right by his customer was most important. This is an exceedingly rare trait in any business.  I have found a jeweler for life.

John P., Port Washington, NY

Where do I start?  Greg did everything imaginable to make sure that I got a the perfect engagement ring for my fiance and went to extreme lengths to help me keep the whole operation top secret.  Including: picking me up from a train station so I could look at some options after hours, explaining how diamonds are rated in a way that even I could understand, finding the perfect ring for my fiance, driving me to a discreet location so I could sneak back home with my ring without raising the suspicions of my fiance, sizing the ring to perfection, AND serving delicious homemade brownies while we got the ring sized.  So yes, Greg did EVERYTHING!

I was very nervous about buying a piece of life-changing jewelry, and Greg made it easy and comfortable.  I really felt like he gave me all the information that I needed to make a good decision.  He walked me through all my questions and even filled me in on the answers to some commonly asked questions that I didn't think to ask.  He listened to what I was telling him and then helped me pick out a ring that my fiance loved.  All the way through, he made the whole process easy and relaxed, and I can't thank him enough!9-Corey Mayo, Goshen, NY

-consulted with me for a special gift for my wife. She had always wanted a "perfect"diamond so for her birthday and with the help of G. Jezarian we were able to make her dream come true.

-researched and designed an accompanying setting for the stone

-had ring hand delivered to the event at which I was to present it

-followed up with my insurance agent to verify ring was properly insured and I was covered

-did additional evaluation of current jewelry and watches on our policy, we found out we were over insuring most items and very much under insured on some others. Straightened all this out and ultimately saved me money on my premium

-engraved a message inside of ring

My wife and I were blessed to have over 25 great years together. Through thick and thin I could not ask for a better partner in life. I had always known her dream was to have a perfect diamond one that was simply the best in all areas. For her birthday I felt it was important to give something that would express this and would also hold it's value so our children could reap the benefits with their children someday. We've been very fortunate in life and it's a special feeling to be able to provide such a luxury to my wife. Jezarian was the only person I would go for such a thing.

When I spoke to the owner Greg about my plan, he explained that a perfect diamond was not only GIA certified D color and no flaw clarity there were other areas of the stone that needed to be checked like cut and measurements among others. I went into this knowing I was going to spend a mint but I never really had a budget. My thinking is my grandkids are going to get what I have someday anyhow and what's better for them a bunch of stocks or something tangible that will always have value whatever the climate anywhere in the world. That's important to me. Greg understood that was my goal and even tried to dissuade me from a d flawless ring that was going to be worn. He said this is something I should buy and put in the safe deposit box for a rainy day. I appreciated his honesty and once I assured him I was aware of other options he went to work. 

We met at his office not long after he had called me to say he had 3 options for round d color flawless diamonds in his vault waiting for me. I tried to imagine how many perfect diamonds of this size there are in the world and here's a man who was able to secure THREE of them for me to choose from in person. During our meeting we went over 3 diamonds weighing in the 2 1/2ct range, GIA d colors, flawless clarity and excellent grades everywhere else in the reports. This was a very special collection you would not find with any other jeweler, I admit I was trembling a bit holding them all and inspecting them with him. It was a very surreal experience! These same diamonds could end up at some famous jewelry store and cost many times more. There I was, analyzing them in what felt like my own private jewelry store. But I know this is not special treatment because of what I was buying, I was treated no differently than when I used him in the past and was spending very little money. That is just how it is with him. I spent some time and made my decision. When I was done, he said he wanted me to be sure. We went into the showroom and he showed me the stones in different order, he tested me. Each time I picked the same one, I felt even more confident that I got the right diamond for this investment.

When it came time for the setting, Greg remembered my wife had problems with arthritis and made a ring with a hidden hinge so it would go over her knuckle and then lock secured. He remembered that, I didn't! 

Jezarian has always done right by my family. When my son in law asked for my daughter's hand, I even sent him. He is an affable, honest man who knows his trade better than anyone I have ever used in the past. The store is in a new office in the diamond building by Rockerfeller Center, and Greg is the face behind everything that leaves his desk whether it is his G. Jezarian Fine Jewelry or Kramer Bros Appraisers, his partnership with his colleague. When I buy something of such high value I prefer to deal with an owner, but it's nicer to deal with and owner you can deal with. 

Christine K., Ringwood, NJ

Design and create my engagement ring.  

LGBT friendly, honest jeweler, with beautiful designs.  What more could you want.  We will definitely be ordering the wedding rings here.  My fiancee had no idea how to buy an engagement ring.  She knew nothing about diamonds or jewelry.  With Greg's help, she bought me the most exquisite ring that exactly suited my taste!  I couldn't be happier

Danielle J., Ossining, NY

I needed an engagement ring.  I know very little about the technical side of buying jewelry.  I knew Greg casually for years through our mutual hobby (auto racing) and he was the first person I thought to call when I finally made the decision to get a ring.  Not only did I trust him with creative license to design something with elegance and character, but I also gave him a really short time frame to work with (3 days) and he met it.  

I put all my trust in Greg to choose stones, design the setting and give me a ring that would speak for me.  We had all our friends coming for a birthday party and I decided that I wanted to finally propose with them as witnesses, but that meant that I needed a ring on short notice.  He asked me questions about what I wanted and needed.  I sent him some pictures of us.  I did not know the ring size!  He asked me to trust him, he was confident he had all the information he needed, he assured me it was going to be awesome.  

I knew that 3 days is not enough time to pull it off.  I asked if I could borrow a ring while he made the real one and he said that wouldn't be necessary.  And it wasn't!  He worked and communicated with me and finished the project in a really tight deadline.  Greg was so great about doing all the work to provide me with a ring that is awesome, stunning, appropriate, beautiful and such great quality. 

I pulled off the surprise of a lifetime. Only my best friend knew (he helped pick up the ring from Greg's office on a Friday evening), and everyone was speechless except for squeals of joy and awe.  

We are so happy we are already making arrangements to have him design the wedding bands.  12-Jaimie F.

This company did several things for my family and myself including:

Appraise my grandparent's estate

Recut and old mine cut diamond into a modern brilliant

Submitted my stone to GIA for certificate

Supplied GIA certified diamond and designed custom engagement ring and wedding bands

Found hard to get watch for my husband

the list goes on and on...

Various repair work including restringing pearls, restoring old jewelry and design work.

Outfitted myself and bridemaids with jewelry rental for my wedding. Engagement ring & wedding rings

The Jezarians have been with us for years. Our insurance agent referred our family to G.Jezerian for an insurance replacement after my mom had lost an earring and we've used them exclusively ever since. Our family have used several stores over the years, all of which referred by someone we know, but none referred by a big insurance company. After years of outstanding experiences, from small jobs to large purchases I know why even they even passed the test for our insurance company.

We work one on one with the owner in his private office with showroom, it's more quality than it is quantity. For instance, my last purchase was a pair of inside/out diamond hoops. I'd seen them at various stores, all different sizes and prices. I called Gregory and told him what I was looking for. Rather than just saying yes or no, he knows what questions to ask and comes up with different ideas and scenarios. 

 I made an appointment to meet with him several days later, he was prepared and I was treated like I was the only person he works for. He walked out with several pairs off hoops, all within my budget but all completely different sizes and looks. He explained how the different diamond sizes and quality are what dictated the prices and looks. As it turned out, I didn't end up buying the hoops I thought I wanted after seeing how much more I could get by going with a diamond grade I was happier with, but cost no extra money. The time he spend with me made me more aware of what my true needs are; instead of just selling them he spent time and taught me how to buy them.... if that makes sense. I can say now considering what he'd taught me, I have a better appreciation of everything I own. 

Our talks netted me the most stunning pair of hoop earrings that I never thought I'd own, they are above and beyond what I could have bought anywhere else. And I bought them from a knowledgable, thoughtful gentleman that actually cares about everything that his name is behind, that is rare and commendable. I'll admit I was reluctant at first to add to his review count because I feel like this store is a secret, special place I should keep to myself so it remains both secret and special, but this firm deserves all the attention it gets. Remember that old commercial, "They make money the old fashioned way, they earn it" well Gregory Jezarian with G. JEZARIAN Purveyor of Fine Jewelry / Kramer Bros gets his clients the old fashioned way, he earns their accolades and deserves my review.

Donna S., Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Jezarian provided appraisal of family / estate jewelry.

It was my pleasure to meet & work with Mr. Jezarian.  He was professional & friendly from our first telephone call to his follow up email a week after his services.  As the Trustee of my parents estate, I had the difficult job of having their jewelry appraised.  Mr. Jezarian made a difficult situation easier for me.  We spoke several times on the telephone about my parents jewelry & the appraisal process before meeting at his office. He treated me very well and  & explained each step of the process. Within days I received a formal appraisal report in the mail, followed by an email asking if I had any questions.

Chad Del Rossa, Dallas, TX

Gregory designed and built my custom engagement ring.

Absolutely Phenomenal!  Words can't express my true happiness with Gregory and my entire engagement ring buying experience.  Gregory was referred to me by a very good friend who spoke very highly of him.  I flew from Texas to meet Gregory, and my high expectations were exceeded. This was unlike any buying situation I've ever experienced. Truth be told, I never felt like Gregory was a salesman. He seemed more like an old friend guiding me through a process with only my best interests in mind.  Gregory never tried to sell me anything. He took a lot of time to get to know me and asked many questions about myself and future fiance.  He was very careful to educate me on diamonds, metals, and the entire process.  He was extremely patient, thoughtful, and caring during the whole ordeal. When I saw the end product I was truly speechless, It was perfect!  A superior product at truly a fraction of the cost.  My fiance is overwhelmed with the attention she receives from people that glance in her direction and are distracted by the beauty on her finger. 

I give Gregory my absolute highest recommendation. Superb in every facet, and a true model of his trade!

Helen B., Sandy Springs, GA

Gregory at Kramer Bros. located the perfect stones and created a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings. 

Gregory took the time to advise and educate me about purchasing diamond stud earrings.  He listened closely to my preferences and specifications to create the perfect pair of earrings for me.  He communicated with me throughout 

the entire process and made sure that the stones that he selected were the best quality for our budget.  He made the process fun, easy and exciting.  Once the stones were located, it only took a week to create/set the earrings, issue the appraisal and have the package at our doorstep.  My husband and I have used Kramer Bros. for numerous special occasion purchases since my husband proposed to me in 2002 with a beautiful ring from Kramer Bros.  Now Kramer Bros. was there for us again on our upcoming 10 year wedding anniversary.  We recommend Gregory and Kenny at Kramer Bros. to anyone who is looking for honest and experienced jewelers that truly have their customers best interests in mind.  Gregory and Kenny - Thank You very much for the continued and consistent excellent customer service!

Lydia R, Washington, DC

Mr. Jezarian helped me sell old wedding jewelry.

He was very professional, he provided me with a diamond lesson regarding grading and class. Everything was explained to me, so I could understand the value of what. I had and how it is reflected in the market. He was refereed to me by word of mouth. I'd definitely send friends to him in the future. He made what I anticipated to be an overwhelming experience very stress free.

Sasha S., New York, NY

Greg guided us in the selection and design of our engagement and wedding rings

From the start, we have had nothing but a great experience working with Greg.   My fiance was a novice to the world of diamonds when he initially started looking for engagement rings, but Greg really took the time to walk him through the process and was consistently invested in making sure the ring would turn out beautifully.  My fiance and another friend collaborated with Greg on the design of my engagement ring and it is without a doubt the most beautiful ring I could have ever hoped for and I consistently receive compliments on how unique and beautiful it is.  

When it came to our wedding bands, Greg once again helped us to design rings which were special and complimented who we are.   He was very patient throughout our multiple visits to pick our wedding bands and again was very invested in making sure we were getting exactly the right rings for us. Greg really takes the time to get to know his customers and each of their unique situations.   He is very fair, really easy to work with and just a nice person.  Every time we return to the office we are greeted with smiles from Greg and his wife. Buying diamonds is a big investment and with Greg you know that you are working with someone you can trust and that you are going to get fantastic quality, beautiful jewelry.   

Our engagement and wedding rings are going to be with us for the rest of our lives and it means so much to us that not only are our rings gorgeous but that we also will always have happy memories of getting them.     We cannot recommend Greg Jezarian highly enough!!

Ariel M., New York, NY

Helped educate me on the diamond buying process and sold me an engagement ring. 

I couldn't have been more pleased. Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting experience and Greg at Kramer Brothers quickly set me at ease. I had been to a few other places before coming to Kramer Brothers, but after meeting with Greg and his wife I knew I found the right place. I never felt any sort of pressure throughout the process and always felt their main concern was finding me the right ring.

Greg was always attentive and responded to all my correspondence promptly and professionally. I would highly recommend Kramer Brothers to any of my friends and will continue to give them my business in the future. 

BTW...My fiance (who's opinion matters the most) couldn't be happier.

Sara I., New York, NY

Mr. Jezarian performed appraisals for approximately 8 pieces of gold jewelry for me in his office.

My dealings with Mr. Jezarian were excellent from start to finish. I sent him an email explaining what I was interested in and followed that up with a phone call when he emailed me back. When I called he knew my name and why I was calling and was very responsive. He explained some relevant things about what sorts of items I should consider insuring and what items might not be worth it. This was very helpful to me as I hadn't insured jewelry before. This discussion was over the phone before I visited so I would know what to bring to his office. Once I got to his office, Mr. Jezarian was punctual, very friendly and respectful of me and the items I had brought in for appraisal. He carefully explained what he was doing and looking at for each piece. This was again very helpful to me and interesting to boot. Mr. Jezarian spent an hour with me and at no time did I feel rushed. All in all I was very pleased with the experience and I have already sent business his way.

Sabina P., New York, NY

Mr. Jezarian provided a professional appraisal of a gemstone.

Mr. Jezarian is a top-quality jewelry professional. He also happens to be a very kind, generous person. 

I went to see him for a rather unusual request. I found a piece of broken jewelry on the sidewalk many months ago, and after unsuccessful attempts to find the owner, I decided to seek out an appraiser and, if the stone had any value, sell it and donate the money to charity. I explained this situation to Mr. Jezarian, and he very generously agreed to take a look at the stone, free of charge.

It turned out that the stone was not valuable at all. Still, Mr. Jezarian took the time to clearly explain each of the tools and process used in the evaluation, and why this stone was clearly not a diamond. It was fascinating to learn about the appraisal process, and I left feeling very grateful for this learning experience.

The office space is lovely, and Mr. Jezarian's manner is very thoughtful and professional. I recommend his appraisal services highly.

Oliver D, Brooklyn, NY

Designed and crafted two wedding bands (one using existing diamonds), cleaned diamond engagement ring, designed and created diamond pendant

With only a few weeks left until our wedding, my fiancee and I were in a tough spot: finding a jeweler in New York we could trust. We already had diamonds but needed to create wedding bands with them; we did not want to leave our stones with just anyone.

After some research, we reached out to Gregory Jezarian, who was immensely helpful and walked us through our options during a personal sit-down in his private showroom. Even though our budget was relatively modest, we received impeccable service followed up with great care and craftsmanship in our finished pieces. I was so impressed by Gregory's attention that I immediately began recommending him to friends. Our wedding bands were wonderful and I immediately returned to Gregory to have our engagement ring cleaned and to have him create a wedding gift for my future wife. The pendant he made was a wonderful gift and we will treasure it.

I cannot recommend Gregory enough. He is personable, attentive to detail, and sitting with him in his private showroom while he explains the "secrets" of the jewelry trade are a nice bonus.

If you are in the market for jewelry, I would make it a priority to schedule an appointment with Gregory.

Michele, NY

Appraisal of estate and old jewelry. After learning about some pieces, he helped me make more informed decisions about which to sell at auction, consignment, or melting.  

I'd dealt with G. Jezarian for other purchases in the past and this experience was no different in quality of service so I wanted to write about it. Dealing with our insurance company after Hurricane Sandy was pretty awful. I had no idea how many items in our home were NOT covered. As disappointing as it was, I have learned from my mistakes and knew it was time to be proactive about it. It was time to have our valuables appraised/itemized so they could be properly covered.

Before taking the appointment, Greg wanted to know a little about what pieces I had and if I felt comfortable bringing everything to his office. I never even thought of it, but when we considered the potential value of all the jewelry, he advised me that an out of office appointment would be safer. I met Gregory and his assistant at my bank deposit box. We poured through the items that needed to be added to my policy, what I needed repaired/freshened up, and what I wanted to sell. It was very helpful as there were several pieces I didn't like and wouldn't wear that turned out to be valuable for resale.

My time with Gregory was, as always, very helpful and informative. I am so happy that I now know both the value and history of my family jewelry.

Kaitlyn Malakov, Atlanta, GA

Greg assisted my husband with my amazing engagement and wedding ring, along with his own wedding ring! My husband had a vision of what my engagement ring should look like ( I may have assisted with a picture or two ;) ) and the qualities that it would possess...  with this vision Greg produced the most stunning ring I have ever laid eyes. It was above and beyond any of my husband's expectations and completely blew me out of the water when i received it! The quality is out of this world, and the ring truly is one of a kind. Greg also assisted us in selecting our wedding bands. He knew our style and what we were looking for from the get go. Again, we were blown away with the end product! They not only are beautiful rings but complement our own personalities and styles. 

Greg has also done all the service on our rings, including sizing (see below) and polishing for the wedding day! Our rings came back looking brand new!

My husband was referred to Greg Jezerian of G Jezarian Purveyor of Fine Jewelry from a classmate of his MBA school who had recently purchased an engagement for his wife and also by another classmate who was in the process of purchasing a ring for his fiancÃ?Æ?Ã?â??Ã?â? Ã¢â?¬â?¢Ã?Æ?ââ?¬Å¡Ã?â??Ã?©.  My husband (Mike) contacted Greg with his vision and a few example photos. Greg began the search for the perfect ring and once he found it sent photos to Mike. Mike absolutely loved the ring that Greg found! It was perfect, too perfect to even attempt to describe in words. It had everything he was looking for plus attributes he never even thought of. This whole process was done via phone/email and text since we live in Georgia and Greg is located in New York. The whole process was so smooth and very personal. Greg was extremely responsive to any question/ inquires that Mike had. Once Mike made the decision to buy the ring it was shipped to GA. Mike received the box and was shocked to see that the ring was even more amazing in person!  

Mike planned our engagement to happen in NYC over a long weekend. It worked out perfectly since the ring was a bit too big for my finger (Mike never measured a current ring of mine and just guessed). We were able to meet with Greg the day after our engagement to have the ring sized. It was great to meet him in person! He even surprised us with a personal car to drive us to the airport after having the ring sized, so sweet of him! Because of the delicate nature of my ring we didn't want to cut and resize it. Greg was creative and suggested that we put platinum balls on the inner bottom of my ring! His solution worked perfect and it fits like a glove, and in our hot GA summers it gives me room for when my fingers swell.

Right before the wedding we decided we were moving abroad. Because of that I wanted to have my ring polished and all the stones secured for the 5 years we'll be away. So I mailed my ring back to Greg... silly me, I mailed it USPS and it arrived later than expected. This is where things went wrong with shipping The USPS said they weren't able to give me the location of my package... good thing it had insurance ! But the week of my wedding I thought my ring was missing in the mail... you can imagine the horror of this, I was heartbroken. All I can say is THANK GOD for Greg, he eased my nerves and told me not to worry that he would loan us a replacement engagement ring for the wedding and replace my current ring with insurance. Lucky for us my ring showed up the day he was mailing the replacement! He was able to secure my stones and polish the ring AND get it back to me 3 days before the wedding!! He even overnight air mailed my ring. I cannot rave enough about Greg and his amazing customer service. Getting married can be a stressful time and the thought of losing my ring sent me over the edge. The way Greg went out of his way to help us and comfort us was invaluable, it really touched us how much he cared. I know that no 'jewelry store' in the world would ever jump in and help the way he did. It brings tears to my eyes of how kind Greg was during the nightmare of the missing ring. 

On top of amazing customer service, his jewelry is amazing. Everywhere I go I get compliments on my ring. It literally is one of a kind. I recently went ring shopping with a friend and saw nothing that even comes close to my ring. Having a unique ring was very important to me, I could not be happier with the ring and wedding band Greg designed. I would not change one thing about my ring. 

Greg has become our exclusive jeweler, I would never consider going to a jewelry store after working with him. His customer service is top notch, his product quality and product knowledge is out of this world. My husband and I have recommend him to all our friends and family for any type of jewelry! We recently had a coworker contact Greg to begin the search for an engagement ring! We know our coworker is in great hands and will feel that same way we do about Greg. I 100% recommend using Greg Jezarian for any jeweler needs you may have!

Justin P., New York, NY

Greg Jezerian really went way over the top in helping me select the perfect stone and setting for my engagement ring. I walked into this not knowing anything about diamonds, cuts, or settings. Greg took the time to explain the entire history of the cut stone (compete with hand drawings !!!) and which cut is most desired. I settled on an amazing stone and now we needed a setting. Greg had a huge setting selection which over a few visits and great advice we narrowed down to the perfect setting for my fiancee's tastes. I was AMAZED when he presented the finished product it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

I'll start by saying that the ring is AMAZING, STUNNING, and possibly the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen! It looks like a little light bulb on my finger! His work is flawless and impeccable, to say the least. When we went to have the ring re-sized and engraved, Greg was gracious and accommodating, making the whole experience even more pleasurable. We will definitely return for our wedding bands!!!! Thank You, Greg!!!!! 

Greg Jezerian really went way over the top in helping me select the perfect stone and setting for my engagement ring. Greg has a flawless showroom displaying an amazing selection of fine jewelry. I felt comfortable and completely at ease with Greg during a somewhat nerve racking experience. I was looking for the perfect ring for the perfect woman and Greg really delivered!!!!! I planned to present the ring in Paris, France and he made sure.... even after I confused the departure date that the ring was completed before I left. Thank you Greg!!! SHE SAID YES! AND LOVES THE RING!!!!!!!!!!

Faith K., New Windsor, NY

Greg always goes above and beyond when it comes to his work.  He has been our family jeweler for many years re-designing my mother's engagement ring, making my sister's engagement ring and wedding bands and when it was time for me to get married there was no question who would do our rings.  He spared no expenses when designing my ring and has even helped us out on off hours.  I can't wait to work on our wedding bands with him and look forward to using his professional services for years to come.

I couldn't have asked for a more professional and friendly person.  Everything was perfect from his design to price.  We will definitely be using him for all of our jewelry needs.

Brian E, Boca Raton, FL

Purchased a ring as an anniversary gift and  had a ring repaired

Being pleased with my last purchase from G. Jezarian, I contacted them again as my anniversary approached.  Mr. Jezarian spent a good deal of time on the phone listening to me and recommended what turned out to be the perfect ring.  My wife loved it!!  While on the phone I mentioned that an old family heirloom ring had some broken prongs.  He asked if I would send it out and he would take a look at it.  I had no issues sending it.  When I got it back, I am so glad I sent it to him.  The repair job was great and now my wife wears that ring all the time without fear of losing the stone.  I highly recommend G. Jezarian!!

Chris R., East Hampton, NY

Jewelry  sale,  jewelry  repair, consultation.

Greg is outstanding. As a single guy I had little experience in dealing with diamonds and jewelery. As such I was very concerned when it came to getting an engagement ring. Greg took the time to explain how diamonds work, how they're graded and certified and how their value is determined. He was always very accomodating and super-polite. In regard to the ring itself, Greg created an outstanding custom piece that my fiancee loved. He went absolutely above and beyond and I am still somewhat shocked at how smoothly the whole process went. I have the utmost confidence that I was treated fairly and honestly. I went back for the wedding bands also and had the same experience. He'll have a customer for life with me

David S., Kings Point, NY

I came here to buy a chain for my Mezuzah necklace pendant that is a very special heirloom and was just given to me by my grandma for my 25th birthday.

I told my father about it and he heard about this wonderful Jeweler so we went to him. As soon as I went it I felt like was was about to have a very special experience and Greg's warm demeanor made it even more apparent. I had told him the story behind the mezuzah. It was worn by my grandfather during his service in World War II. He released many other Jews from concentration camps and fought Nazis while he had this safely tucked in his breast. Greg was very moved by this as was I, after hearing it in more detail from my father. When I showed him the simple Mezuzah pendant and explained how I wanted something that was also simple but didn't take away from it, he exclaimed he had just the thing! He went away for a few moments and came back smiling holding this beautiful fine white gold chain that was PERFECT. It was perfect because it was designed like the chain of a dog tag and therefore it was simple, but badass and beautiful. I couldn't find a more relavant chain for my Mezuzah that so perfectly supported the meaning behind it. I am so proud to wear this and don't plan on ever taking it off. Thank you so much Greg. There is not a doubt in my mind that when I meet someone special someday we will come to you!!

Daniel K., New York, NY

I bought two pieces of custom jewelry - one necklace and earrings.

I was shopping for my wife, who has particular tastes, and G. Jezarian was recommended to me.   They have a very nice selection of unique jewelry that's perfect for woman with high standards, and everything is reasonably priced.  I bought a necklace and earrings and my wife was delighted.  I highly recommend them for anyone who wants a personal experience you won't find in the department stores.

Korey M, New York

I purchased a diamond bracelet for my wife. Greg helped point me toward a bracelet that matched her lifestyle and was appropriate for such an important anniversary gift. We spent over 2 hours together and I learned more about jewelry in that time than I knew. And I've been around along time. My wife has problems with arthritis so they customized the bracelet with an extra large lock so she could use it. Also, I will have my wife's and my mothers old jewelry appraised so it's all covered under our insurance policy.  

I purchased a 25th anniversary gift for my wife and made an appointment to get my family's jewelry appraised. My son used them for his rings and still uses them to this day. When I asked where I should go for moms gift, he said he had a good place and called the Gezarians and told the owner he was sending his dad. The owners name is Greg and when I called a few weeks later, he knew who I was and said how my son had given him a call and that I was in good hands for my wife's anniversary gift.  

The day I drove to the city to meet, I really expected something different. The store is on the top floor of the building so there's no people running in and out.its a real personal experience as I was the only one there when I went. I was treated very well and Greg spent a lot of time showing me all the options for my wife's gift. I picked out a large diamond bracelet and Greg customized it to make it easy for my wife to use. She loves it and said it's the nicest piece of jewelry she could dream of owning. I am impressed that there's still craftsman who care about the work they put out and not just the bottom line.  

I never felt pressured or pushed at any time and would have no problems referring MY father here if he were still around! People who do good work deserve to be thanked and after more than 25 years of Christmases birthdays anniversaries valentines days etc I finally have someone I'm proud to call my jeweler  

During my visit I also made arrangements to have my family's jewelry appraised. Between my wife's collection and pieces from my mother I knew it needed to be organized and appraised and these are the people I want to do it..he asked me to send a list of pieces and old appraisals and he'd figure out what needs to be updated, what needs to be added and what would be best to sell. Looking forward to learning about what we have.  

Charles M., New York, NY

I brought my 4+ year old Breitling NaviTimer into the shop to be cleaned and polished. The watch has been worn everyday since purchased, so the band was looking well used.  I had researched various watch repair venues.  They either could not perform the task or wanted to charge an extravagant amount for the service.  So I came to G. Jezarian based on their stellar reputation and word-of-mouth.

I am delighted with the results. The watch looks absolutely brand new and is functioning perfectly. And I have peace of mind knowing that all the work was performed by factory certified technicians. Finally, the cost to perform these services were very reasonable.

Ron R., Millbrae, CA

Greg found me a diamond, a setting, had it in the box ready to go within a day.

All I knew about Greg was that he had positive reviews on Angies list.  I called on a Friday to get a diamond engagement ring that day.  Wishful thinking.  The only thing I knew about diamonds was that if I didn't have one by Monday I would be marrying a very p***** off woman on Tuesday.  (I actually believed her when she said that marriage was just paper work and none of it mattered to her!)   Greg went into action immediately.  He came in on the weekend, found the perfect stone and setting.  We met at his office Monday morning.   He was patient, gave me a education in diamonds, and produced a beautiful white gold diamond ring a few hours later.  I've never been so happy in my life - the ring was beautiful, the price was great and - most importantly - she was the happiest woman on earth.    

Absolutely, the best retail experience I've ever had.  Gregory Jezarian is the most trustworthy merchant I've ever dealt with.  

The ring was envy of every woman at Manhattan City Hall the next day when got married.  

Thanks Greg!

Seth G., Pearl River, NY

Jewelry purchase, appraisal, and jewelry repair.

I went to G Jezarian for a 10 year anniversary gift for my wife. I ended up purchasing beautiful diamond earrings that she absolutely loves. G Jezarian was extremely thoughtful and thorough in going over the multiple options for such an occasion. He was extremely cognizant of my budget and brought in jewelry outside of his office to ensure I was satisfied with the purchase. Throughout the experience G Jezarian took time to explain what I should look for in purchasing jewelry and why the value of diamonds can drastically vary.

A month or so later I came back to have my wife's engagement ring appraised. During his review, G Jezarian identified that some of the stones were loose. He was extremely efficient in getting the ring fixed and polished (it took a few hours). The ring looks as beautiful as it did the day I gave it to my wife over 10 years ago. In addition, the appraisal was appropriate and didn't inflate the replacement price.

Amber G., New York, NY

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Greg came on a recommendation from a friend. He was very responsive to emails and calls to set up a time for me to come and look at rings. Greg is warm and welcoming and seems to have a real passion for what he does.  I was getting a sapphire reset in my engagement ring and he was so excited for me to see the finished product - which was amazing. He was nice enough to buy gold from me to apply towards my new rings. I have already recommended him to others and I plan on going back to get my fiancee's ring engraved and have a necklace made for my mother.

The shop is very nice and clean and they offer cookies!

As for quality, the rings are exactly what I wanted and he and his colleagues did a fantastic job. I never felt pressured into buying something more expensive or getting more than I wanted to get.

Pawel T., Staten Island, NY

I was referred by a friend to Gjezarian Jewellery when I was looking to upgrade my wife's engagement ring. I chose a completely new diamond and then we redesigned my wife's existing ring to make the new stone work with it. I looks like something out of the pages of Town & Country magazine!

I couldn't have been more please with the choice. I emailed the store with my questions about upgrading the ring and the owner himself took me under his wing. I felt like he worked for me which is rare these days. I was prepared to get an entirely new setting for the new diamond, but Greg suggested  the original platinum ring had sentimental value and could be redesigned to make it look completely updated and modern yet still capture the essence of the original ring I'd bought 12 years ago. He actually said "this is the ring you got down on one knee with originally, lets try and make this not just a ring but an heirloom"

He was right and both my wife and I are thankful I took his advice. 
The care I received before and during the sale was fantastic. But here I am nearly a month later and I just got a call from Greg checking up on the ring and making sure everything went well with the presentation over the holidays. He didn't have to do that, but he did and that gesture alone is what's prompted me to spread the word. 

DongWon S., New York, NY 
My ring was resized, the prongs were repaired, a crack was repaired, and it was polished. My engagement ring is an antique platinum ring from the 20's and I was very nervous about having it resized (I went down more than a size). From our initial meeting G Jezarian was completely professional and a pleasure to work with. He gave me some background into the history of my ring, showed me where the prongs were wearing thin (and repaired them for free), and guided me through the process of resizing my ring. The work was done in a day and my ring was beautiful. It needed to be slightly adjusted, but Gregory was completely accommodating. I highly recommend him.

Michelle M. , Sands Point, NY 
I have worked with Gregory on several occasions. He made my engagement ring as well as some other custom pieces. He was the only jeweler I trusted to repair my great- grandmother's diamond wedding band after I lost a stone. I have referred many of my friends and family to him; I highly recommend his services.