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G.Jezarian Purveyor of Fine Jewelry has the capability to custom-make and personalize an heirloom piece of jewelry of your dreams that will stand the test of time for generations to come. If you have a unique design in mind, from a one of a kind engagement ring to an elegant drop pendant, our master craftsmen can create your unique piece with unparalleled artisanship.

Be assured our prices will be substantially lower than those of high-end designer jewelers and our pieces are of equal quality. We can work from photographs, computer printouts, magazine advertisements, or drawings.

We will always accommodate your exact specifications since you are closely involved as your custom design evolves from a simple concept to a beautiful finished piece.

Our creative process involves both the use of state of the art computer-aided design (CAD) programs to ensure the highest possible precision when your piece is crafted, as well as incorporating time-honored traditional techniques such as hand carved wax molds. After the conceptual design process is completed, you are able to view a three-dimensional computer model of the piece to ensure the design meets all of your expectations and desires. Another integral part of this process is the creation of a wax mold of your custom piece, which can be viewed and tried on before final production begins. Any changes to the design can be easily executed before the item is created, assuring you an absolutely perfect final piece.