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G. Jezarian, Purveyor of Fine Jewelry is NYC's preeminent private jeweler .

G. Jezarian

Fine Jewelry Services

Repair & Restoration

Insurance Appraisals

Protect your investment. For accurate and professional evaluations of your heirlooms we offer a comprehensive appraisal services for all of your jewelry and time pieces. 

Diamond and Stone Cutting

If you saw a rough diamond lying on the ground, you probably wouldn't even pick it up.  If that same diamond were cut and polished, you probably couldn't put it down! That is the magnificence of a diamond.  If you have a diamond that needs some looking after, we are also specialists in  re-cutting polished diamonds. Whether your goal is to correct damages, maximize scintillation or  increase value by improving GIA certified parameters, we can analyze your gem.

A diamond's cut is one of its most defining characteristics and the only one that can be manipulated by man. High grades of color, clarity, and carat weight also contribute to a diamond's appeal, but it's the cut that determines the symmetry of the stone's facets, its overall proportions, and its ability to refract light. An expertly cut diamond will achieve high levels of brilliance, sparkle, and scintillation. Even if a diamond is graded well in other areas, a poor cut can result in a dull, muted effect

Laser Engraving

Peace of mind only you know about. G. Jezarian are proud to offer laser inscriptions on diamonds. Our laser machine will engrave on the girdle or any facet you choose, either a serial number or custom inscription on the stone visible only with 10x magnification. The technology is remarkable, the result is reassuring and completely undetectable to the naked eye. It is customary to engrave the GIA certificate number, but we have engraved everything from logos to "I love you" on diamonds. 

Estate Jewelry

At G. Jezarian, we offer full service consignment for your estate pieces. Whether it's a piece of jewelry that you're no longer in love with: you don't wear it, it no longer fits your personality or lifestyle, or an item that spends more time in your vault or safe deposit box than it does being worn and enjoyed.

Allow us to evaluate your jewelry. We will give you specific information that you need to know and will act as a sounding board for your peace of mind. 

For details on our estate consignment services or if you'd like to see some samples of our current estate jewelry, contact us.

Restoration & Repair
Rediscover your estate jewelry with a restoration from G.Jezarian.  Performed by a G.Jezarian specialist, all fine jewelry restorations are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Click here to learn more about our Jewelry Repair services.

Jewelry Consignment

We buy diamonds, gemstones, gold and other precious metals. As a private jeweler, we are always discreet and treat you with courtesy and integrity when buying your gold or unwanted jewelry; your privacy is our priority. Our extensive knowledge of the metal and gem markets will assure you receive the highest possible sale price. If the need arises, we would be happy to evaluate an estate for sale or division.

We have been buying and selling jewelry and precious metals for over 20 years and can assure you of the best possible return on your items. 

Please contact us today to further discuss your needs.

Corporate Gifts

When you purchase a corporate gift from G.Jezarian, you are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives it. It's not just a gift, it's a reflection of your committment to quality, taste, and of course style. Our distinctive executive service will help you choose the perfect gift for the man (or woman) "who has everything." We pride ourselves on producing unique and custom gifts that will be received as memorable standouts.

Whether you are recognizing an employee or showing your appreciation for your entire client base, let G.Jezarian be your guide. Contact us today for a consultation.